FULL GAME Zion Williamson vs LaMelo Ball; A Match-Up Made For The Internet!!

FULL GAME Zion Williamson vs LaMelo Ball; A Match-Up Made For The Internet!!

Wishful thinking can take one a long way. Mock-up graphics have been circling the internet for nearly a year with this dream match-up of Zion Williamson vs. LaMelo Ball. It was a match-up that the internet wanted and it actually got as Zion’s SC Select took on LaMelo’s Big Baller Brand at the adidas summer championships in Las Vegas, NV. Lavar coached, he even took a short bathroom break with 1 minute left in a tightly contested game. Stories of LeBron James not being able to get into the building were making their rounds on the internet and in between the walls at the Cashman Center. LA Laker and older brother, Lonzo Ball was courtside with his family and friends as well as the BBB reality series to come. Damien Lillard dropped by. So did Thon Maker and Andrew Wiggings. The who’s who of basketball showed up and our friend OSN also go into the building, narrowly making the tip-off while showing up to a crowd of fans. Everyone crowded the small court to see the show the internet has been clamoring for since Mayweather vs Pacman. Oh yeah, the internet showed up to. Over 800,000 views worth with over 620,000 unique viewers tuned in all over the world. Some were up before the sun came up just to catch a glimpse of these 2 young men to toe to toe. This was the game the internet wanted, and it got, and boy did it celebrate.

Zion vs Melo will forever go down in history as one of the biggest AAU match-ups of all time.

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